What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) refers to communications over the public internet, rather than the traditional public switched telephone network (PTSN). This is rapidly becoming the most common telecom communication method. Since the copper lines that traditional phone systems required are being phased out, it is advantageous for a business to switch to VoIP as a preemptive measure.

How does VoIP Work?

SIP trunking is the most advanced method business telephone systems use as the highway for call processing. SIP trunking is fundamentally a streaming media service based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Often Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs) provision sip trunks for use to business telephone services that use unified communications (UC) to business customers equipped with SIP-based PBX (IP-PBX) systems.

If that sounds complicated to you, then you aren't alone. That is why it is so important to work with a vendor that understands everything that goes into a VoIP communication platform. When configured and managed correctly, VoIP can give your business additional functionality and superior Quality of Service (QoS). We are experts in creating reliable, high-quality, integrated VoIP systems that maximize your business efficiency.

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advantages of voip

VoIP Advantages

  Multi-Site Connectivity
  Reduce Capital Expenditure
  Lower Installation Costs
  Lower Maintenance Overhead
  Connect Everyone
  Collaborate Everywhere
  Unlimited Growth
  Voice Message to Email
  Call Recording
  Warehouse Paging
  Mobility Features

What Does That Mean for Your Business?

SIP trunking and VoIP can cost significantly less than traditional analog lines and PRI's, so you save money. If your business has not taken advantage of using SIP Trunks, SIP trunking delivers a valuable backup that can be routed to alternative locations or simply adding a direct line without the hassle.

Superior Features

  Web-Based Log-In Portal for Flexible Administration
  Flexible Auto-Attendant with customizable menu selection
  Clear call flow routing
  Voice mail for every user, Caller ID, and More
  Month to Month Service with automatic feature upgrades
  Endless VoIP Phone Warranty

Our installations are fast, simple, and include training, saving you time allowing you that time to focus on your business. We take the time to train your employees in how to maximize your communication investments in either the Hosted Phones or the Hosted Phone System using efficient SIP / VoIP phone system. We put the time in up front, where it is needed so that it maximizes the efficiency and effectiveness of your business.

Unlike other providers, we support our business customers with both on-site and remote assistance as needed. Part of a good support strategy requires addressing critical outages that can affect the business communication platform. When the need arises, we'll dispatch to site a skilled technician, so you can avoid the headache that comes with most technical support issues. It is what makes us different than the Internet providers that weld you to contracts keeping you held hostage to poor service and bad solutions. Our support center is responsive, helpful, and reliable. If you need to add or delete users, the process is simple and streamlined. From installation to daily operations, we are here to ensure you get the most from your business phone system and the SIP trunking and VoIP phones you use.

Rottweiler Systems, Inc. delivers, implements, provides training, and provides ongoing support for all your business communication needs. A modern, yet practical solution approach for bringing your business to the modern modes of communication. Not only do we provide the necessary equipment, skilled technicians, and reliable customer support for your new SIP trunk VoIP phone system but we are available for questions or configuration changes as needed. You can take advantage of next generation technology to keep your business communicating.

more information on voip

More Information

Want to know more about VoIP, how it works, and how your business can benefit from implementing VoIP?

Before switching to VoIP, ask yourself

  Can my local network handle it? If your business uses your local area network (LAN) heavily, then a separate network may be the best solution to ensure your Quality of Service (QoS).   Do I have enough bandwidth? Bandwidth is the amount of information which your internet connection can send and receive in a certain period of time. We recommend that you have at least 50 Mpbs speed.   Do I make long distance calls?
  Do I currently have PTSN lines? You could save money by canceling your traditional phone lines, but keeping those lines will ensure that you have a failover strategy in the event that the internet is disrupted.   What happens if my network goes down?
  Should I go to the cloud or stay in the closet?
  How much can I budget for a VoIP system?
  What is my anticipated ROI? Depending on what decisions you make when switching to VoIP will determine your ROI. Switching to SIP trunks can provide monthly savings, but purchasing new phones can offset those savings.   Can I support a VoIP system in-house? Our recommendation is that you not burden your IT department or managers with the implementation and maintenance of a VoIP system. Choosing the right vendor for your business is a critical step.