Our small business phone systems offer superior features like auto-attendant, music-on-hold, and conference capabilities, so you can have a professional communication platform for a fraction of the cost.

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Solutions for Small Business

If you are a small business owner, you probably don't even have time to read the rest of this paragraph. You've got accounts to balance, customers to service, and employees to manage. You are looking for a solution to your communication needs. Our systems are installed quickly and correctly by certified professionals. We'll ensure that your new Samsung system is correctly configured before the technician leaves your site. That means you'll save money on costly roll-backs and unexpected labor costs.

You've no doubt seen some cloud, internet, or hosted services whose advertisements litter the internet with claims to be cheaper, more powerful, or more reliable than anything else available. While these service providers can be competitively priced and offer some really great features, most of these cloud providers do not offer on-site support. Most of them ship you a box of phones and rely on your technical knowledge to install the system. Many of these providers service the entire United States, so your phone system is hardly a priority. The biggest drawback to many of these providers is the lack of support when your system fails. Their first response is almost always to place the fault on your shoulders, so you're left with a broken system and little more than a knowledgebase of technical support to resolve the issue.

Technical Expertise for Small Business

For some businesses, this communication model works. They have the time and technical expertise to troubleshoot their own systems. For other businesses, a communication platform that is serviced in-house can quickly become a disaster.

If you don't want to be in the telephone installation and repair business, then let us service your communication platform. We offer:

  Factory Certified Service Technicians. Our technicians are experienced and well-trained to service Samsung systems.

  Personal Service. We'll know your business and understand your unique needs.

  Up-Front Pricing. We strive to clearly represent the full cost of your Samsung system so you aren't caught off-guard by hidden fees.

  In-Stock Inventory. We carry the largest on-the-shelf Samsung inventory in the Atlanta market, so we can fix most systems with 48 hours.

  Easy Installation. Our technicians know what they are doing, so we spend less time in installation and setup.

  After-Install Support. We offer reliable and knowledgeable support and easy-to-find resources to eliminate confusion after installation.

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A Small Business Serving Small Businesses

Remember the old days when people remembered who you were? The days before a customer service call started with "Can I have your account number?". It went beyond a vendor using your first name to say hello. It was an assurance that you were a valued client and not just another account. It meant that the person servicing your business understood your unique needs and cared about the success of your business. In a world of multinational companies with big budgets and globally dispersed customer service agents, it can be reassuring when someone knows and cares about you and your business.

At Rottweiler Systems, we value our customers. You'll never be asked for an account number, because we know who you are. We strive to be familiar with our client's needs and situations. We'll never upsell you when you're on a shoestring budget, because we get it! We'll remember the last conversation we had about a feature you were interested in or the last time our technician came to site to move a phone. You'll never get lost in an automated system that goes nowhere only to get disconnected when you finally reach an agent. When you make the choice to let a locally owned and operated small business service your system, your investment stays in Georgia and you'll know that your business is truly valued.

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