Take the pain out of the unanticipated interruptions.

If you are reading this, then you are probably no stranger to your communication platform failing. It happens every day in Atlanta: someone walks in the office and realizes that there are no phone calls coming into the office. A system reboot doesn't seem to do anything. Now it is a race to repair the system. Your first thought would be to call your dial tone provider, but they usually say "Everything looks fine, must be your phone system" and they don't work directly on phone systems. So now you're looking for who can fix your system the fastest. It becomes about time rather than quality or the best price.

Samsung's communication systems are reliable, but when a system component fails it can cost hundreds of dollars to get the system back up and hours of frustration getting a technician to site, diagnosing the problem, and figuring out how to pay for the labor and repairs. All the while, your customers are not able to reach you by phone and will go looking for a solution to whatever issue they are having. You need to have a strategy in place for when the systems that you depend on fail.

Maintenance Agreements are the logical choice, hedging you against high maintenance costs.

Rather than take the risk of incurring repair costs, lost revenue, and lost customers, purchase a maintenance agreement. For a few dollars a day, you'll have all the technical support that you need for your communication platform. Our maintenance agreements cover warranty of parts and advanced replacement of anything that might fail. That means you won't be waiting around for a part to be repaired, you'll be up and running while we deal with the technical stuff. You won't have to hunt down a technician that knows your system. We'll have them on site because you'll enjoy priority dispatch.

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If you don't believe that you'll need an emergency repair, then consider the other benefits that a maintenance agreement provides. First of all, you'll get a team of professionals that know your system inside an out. It is the same reason that you have an IT company or department to handle network and computer issues. They are there because it is easier to have someone that knows what they are doing than hunt down someone that might spend a few hours just trying to figure out your firewall.

Additionally, the modern office revolves around technology. Your communication platform could be interwoven with your internet, firewall, and security platform. We have learned to depend on these complex systems, but you aren't going to learn how to use these powerful systems in a single afternoon. When you have a maintenance agreement with Atlanta Samsung, you'll have our communication expertise and experience at your fingertips.

So make the smart choice and sign up for a maintenance agreement with Atlanta's premier authorized Samsung distributor!

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